Peruvian Paso Stallion

Peruvian Horses

Brighten your day with time spent with your Peruvian horse. Be it a smooth trail ride, competitive showing, showing off in a parade, doing ranch work, or relieving the days stress spending time under a shade tree, the Peruvian horse does it all in style. Possessing a kind temperment, a willingness to work, and the energy to get the job done. Make your next horse, a Peruvian horse.

About the USPHA

The United States Peruvian Horse Association is a full service breed association and regisrty for Peruvian horses. The USPHA provides opportunities to enhance your Peruvian horse experience.

The USPHA represents Peruvian Horses descended from the world renowned Peruvian breed foundation studbook. Emphasis is placed on the authentic Peruvian breed "type", brio, size, strength, stamina, gait, smoothness, And --- the "Legendary Beauty!!"

The USPHA looks forward to meeting you and it will be our pleasure to serve and assist you.